Year Long AmeriCorps Vista Opportunities
  Communications Coordinator:
- Maintain HTC Website.
- Strengthen visibility on internet, social media, and website.
- Reach out to community organizations scheduling speaking presentations to educate the              public on services available at HTC and how they can partner.
- Design new HTC apparel.
- Create updated informative materials for public presentations regarding services offered.
- Capture pictures and videos for patient celebrations, milestones, patient stories, gratitude,          and qualitative data.
- Spotlight donors and volunteers on social media.
- Create communications board at HTC and update monthly.
- Create and maintain an HTC history book.
- Take the lead on the HTC culture committee and hold meetings.
  Wellness Integration Coordinator:
- Coordinate two wellness fairs that bring resources from the community.
- Create a plan for grand opening of the new facility that allows for community engagement.
- Attend outreaches in the community to identify potential volunteers for classes.
- Build education materials for education classes to be used by patients.
- Create educational pathways for patients.
- Create an integrated system in EMR for the patients' care team to track their fitness.
- Write grants that contribute to the wellness budget.
- Create a way to receive new monthly donors for the wellness center.
- Utilize branding to create revenue or publicity that could gain donors to cover smaller costs.
  Volunteer Coordinator
- Create easy and seamless application process for all incoming volunteers.
- Plan and conduct monthly volunteer orientations.
- Update volunteer handbook and create new volunteer policies.
- Run monthly reports through our volunteer system.
- Develop an orientation and training process for new volunteers.
- Create and streamline scheduling volunteers.
- Create an annual orientation to keep volunteers up to date on current policies. 
- Attend outreach events within the community to recruit new volunteers.
- Recruit new medical volunteers through local outreach.
- Create community engagement by working with local corporations. 
- Engage volunteers by posting volunteer related information on our HTC facebook group.
- Develop and send out monthly thank you card.
- Create innovative ways to celebrate volunteer birthdays.
- Plan annual volunteer appreciation events to celebrate our volunteers.
- Conduct quarterly surveys for volunteers and bring results to meetings.
  Development/Marketing Assistant
- Learn our donor database (Network for Good).
- Learn about our donors and ways we can best communicate with them.
- Learn how we are fundraising and the events that are planned for the next year.
- Learn how we acknowledge our donors and show them how their gifts contribute to HTC.
- Research new ways to engage new donors and those who have gaps in giving.
- Create a plan of action to engage with donors through new processes.
- Create a plan for calling donors and thanking them for their gifts.
- Research new grant opportunities.
- Assist with updated and maintaining our donor data base.
- Assist with adding a development addition to our website and social media from the donors        perspective. 
- Assisting with all donor/fundraising events.
- Create a notebook for the next VISTA about programming creating for development.
- Create new development policies and explain them to staff.
Summer AmeriCorps Vista Opportunities
  Wellness Advocate:
- Create workouts that correspond to patients' chronic disease and level of fitness.
- Prep for the launch of the wellness facebook page.
- Prep for the launch of the Virtugym.
- Plan and execute the new wellness center open house. 
- Warford Center.
  Inventory Analyst:
- Keep electronic inventory of the lab, supply rooms, and upstairs storage. 
- Update the favorites in pharmacy.
- Replication wall.
  Nutrition Advocate
- Maintain the Heal the City garden.
- In charge of the food program.
- Create and give nutritional handouts to the patients. 
- Plan and execute cooking classes.
- Create a referral system/process.
- Collaborate with our dietician to implement a system for the nutrition department.
  Patient Advocate
- Create a process for updating/ensuring that the current system is working.
- Help patients through the process of renewing in social services.
- Provide general support for social services.
- Communicate regarding patient emails, the patient portal, and the virtugym launch.
- Create an emergency plan.
  Overall Summer VISTA duties:
- Plan and execute the annual golf tournament.
- Create the shalom wall.
- Volunteer in clinic.
- Teach wellness classes.
- Shadow Box
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