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Shalom, is a Hebrew word that translates to peace. However, the meaning also encompasses an inward completeness, wholeness, and wellness: human flourishing. This aligns with our goal of improving the holistic health of our patients and providing them with a medical home.


About the program

Our program, Shalom, gives chronically ill people without insurance a medical home. We have organized a medical team to partner with patients to better their holistic health.



How to qualify

There is a screening process for the program as there are limited spots and resources available. 

Patients are required to seek financial approval to ensure they cannot receive healthcare elsewhere. During that process, patients are set up on a Medication Assistance program; this allows the clinic to get free medications. 


Our first Shalom patient!

Our first Shalom patient!

benefits of our program 

  • Designated provider
  • Quarterly appointments
  • Quarterly lab work
  • Ability to schedule sick visits
  • One on one education
  • Free access to the Wellness Center