Due to the magnitude of calls for dental appointments, we have changed the ACUTE DENTAL process. There will no longer be appointments for dental. Instead, we will hold walk-In clinics one Monday out of the month.  The first 20 patients will be screened for possible referrals.  Show up between 1-1:30 to have a free evaluation and possible referral. We do NOT offer cosmetic dental services such as braces or dentures. We DO offer extractions as long as it is not a wisdom tooth. 

  1. February 14th 2022

  2. March 7th 2022

  3. April 11th 2022

  4. May 16th 2022

  5. June 13th 2022

  6. June 27th 2022

  7. July 18th 2022

  8. Sept 12th 2022

  9. Sept 26th 2022