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"Before 2009, I was working as a landscaper and my health was completely normal. This all changed when I had a stroke, and my health has been declining steadily since. Shortly after my stroke I developed diabetes and had a heart attack. My health was getting so bad that I eventually had to stop working. I had begun to accept that I was never going to feel better. I had no other choice than to prepare to die. Doctors had given up on me and I had nowhere else to turn; this was until I heard about HTC through my daughter who was in nursing school. Heal the City has given me hope in life again. Not only have they changed my physical health, but they also have shown that they truly care about all aspects of my life.”

Chris P.

“Before I came to Heal the City, I had already been through two strokes. My medical problems prevented me from working, and I could no longer afford the medication to prevent me from having even more strokes. I found out about Heal the City by my nurse during rehabilitation, and I was one of the first patients right when the new clinic opened. Chelsea has single handedly saved my life. I was terrified of my health before Heal the City. I had no one to help me with my medical or personal problems. My physical health and mental health were deteriorating rapidly. Heal the City changed all of that. They gave me the medical help and love that has changed my life forever.”

Tiffany B.

“In 2013, I was diagnosed with stage III prostate cancer. If that was not hard enough to hear, the doctor then told me that I was going to die because I could not afford his treatment. I have been healthy my whole life, so to hear that I am going to die was almost inconceivable for me. I was furious with the healthcare system for not valuing my life more than money. That is when doctor Periman saved my life by offering to treat me. Seven years later, I am a cancer survivor with a new health problem that I, once again, could not afford to treat. Without Heal the City I would have never known I had COPD, let alone had the medication to treat it. It is amazing how much more you enjoy life when you can finally breathe. Heal the City has given me a sense of belonging in my life. I actually look forward to coming to the doctor now; something I never thought I would say. Thank you, Heal the City, for valuing my life.”

Joe D.

“Before Heal the City, I believed that there was not a single doctor that cared enough to help me. Every doctor that saw me before Heal the City was rude, let me down, and put me down repeatedly. I had MS and doctors constantly accused me of being crazy and/or lying about my symptoms. This became very frustrating for me since I desperately needed medication. Coming to HTC was the first time a doctor took me seriously and treated me like an equal human being. If I had even a minor issue with my health, Lindy would go out of her way to try and fix it. They also gave me access to food and spiritual guidance; something I had never had before. For the first time in my life, I am not worried if I will be able to eat. That is such a relief to both me and my family.”

Tiffany A.

“I had moved down here from Iowa to be with my family because I was having nervous breakdowns. I could not support myself anymore, but I was worried that without a job that I would not be able to get insulin for my diabetes. I am currently on disability but without having Heal the City and TPC to help me with my health, there is no way I would still be alive today. All my worries have been laid to rest.”

Dawn C.

“My health before HTC was really bad because I could not afford the medications I needed. I would never go to the doctor, even if I was very sick. Lindy has single handedly helped me overcome my fear of coming to the doctor. Beyond my physical health, HTC has also helped me mentally and spiritually be there for my adopted son. Due to my son’s birth mother using drugs during her pregnancy, he was born with multiple emotional disabilities. I needed him just as much as he needed me at the time but being a mother to him is very hard at times due to his lack of emotion and unpredictable nature. HTC has taught me how to love him through this and constantly motivates me to continue being there for him. People always ask me if I am afraid of him hurting me, but I just respond that God’s got me regardless. I will continue loving him either way.”

Lynette G.

“I began my battle with chronic pain at the age of 22. This was the result of several back and knee surgeries early on in my life. I was able to manage this pain for 26 years, but I eventually lost my job due to my body's physical limitations. This only exacerbated my health problems due to the fact that I also lost my health insurance. With my pain getting out of control and my diabetes being untreated, I came to the realization that I probably was not going to live much longer; This was until I came to Heal the City. I am not exaggerating when I say that Heal the City saved my life. They also loved me in a way that I have never experienced before.”

Mary-Kathryn K.

“I have had chronic asthma my whole life, but I have never taken medication for it due to my lack of health insurance. I was essentially gambling with my life because the only way I could treat my asthma was to have an attack and go to the emergency room. This all changed when I came to HTC four years ago. I have not had an asthma attack since coming here and I am proud to be a part of the HTC family.”

Audray C.

“When I first came here, I was fresh out of a hip replacement. I could not go anywhere without my walker and I did not see this ever changing due to my circumstances. I wanted to regain my independence so I could walk again without help but I did not have access to physical therapy or medical care. Along with this, I did not have the energy to get better because I was dealing with untreated diabetes and thyroid problems. HTC has given me my life back by helping me overcome these healthcare problems that were preventing me from walking again. Along with this, they also helped me overcome my food insecurity with the food program. I could not have done any of this without Heal the City.”

Darlene W.

“I thought my life was over when I decided to come to Heal the City. I had just been told I had hepatitis C and that I could not afford the medication to cure it. The funny thing about the whole ordeal was that I actually never even had hepatitis. I thank God they told me I did though because I would never have come to Heal the City otherwise. Just knowing that had some place to go if my health was at stake was extremely comforting. Heal the City also helped my self-esteem and gave me a sense of worth that I never had before hand. I am proud to say that I have been sober since coming to Heal the City. I would not be the person I am today without them.”

Robin W.

“I was feeling really sick constantly, but I had nowhere to turn. I am a single mom, so I was placing my kid’s well-being over my health. I was eating well but I was still gaining weight and I constantly felt tired. Heal the City has been Heaven Sent. They diagnosed my thyroid problems and gave me the gift of health. Without Heal the City, I would not have the energy to be there for my kids and grandchildren.”

Alma Z.

“Before I came to Heal the City, I had great insurance through my job, but they could not control my health problems. I eventually lost my job due to my health and subsequently my health insurance. My normal blood sugars were usually around 200-250, which is how I ended up at Heal the City. Before Heal the City, I was paying for insurance and not getting the same quality of care as I get here at HTC. Not only do they treat your health, but they also educate you on how to improve your health. This is a testament to how much they actually care about the patients. I would not be able to live with my diabetes without the education HTC provided me. I nearly killed myself several times because I did not understand the effect that insulin had on my blood sugar levels. Heal the City is the reason I am alive and healthy.”

Isabell S.

“I have been a diabetic since I was 15. The only time I could ever afford to control my diabetes was during my pregnancies. This was a blessing to protect my babies, but it was also scary because I was unsure that I would be healthy enough to be there for them when they get older. Heal the City has not only helped control my diabetes, but they have also changed my mental health. I have been able to lose weight and be more confident in myself. I was even motivated by Heal the City to go to nursing school.”

Megan W.

“I really did not have any major issues when I started coming to Heal the City. My provider did tell me though that if I did not get my blood pressure under control, it could turn into a big problem. I have really enjoyed the Heal the City community. It has made me a healthier person and better Christian. I am so thankful for the staff at Health the City and everything they do for the patients that come here.”

Raymond C.

“When I first stepped through the door here, I was very overwhelmed with everything I had to do to become a patient. At the time I was starting to question whether it was worth it, however, I was utterly shocked with the care I received afterward. Being a patient at Heal the City is definitely worth the effort. I would not be the happy healthy human I am today if it was not for Heal the City.”

Tanya C.

“Right before I came to Heal the City 6 years ago, I had just come back to Amarillo from San Antonio with my son to reconcile my marriage. During this time, I was constantly sick and received no support from my ex-husband. Along with all of this, my marriage was becoming toxic again. I was trying to maintain my relationship with God at the time, but all these other things were making it very hard. The whole marriage was very traumatizing to my son. After leaving my ex-husband, my son and I were in and out of homeless shelters. I refused to lose my faith that God would see us through this. God answered my prayers by leading me to the wonderful man who is now my husband. God also blessed me by guiding me to Heal the City. I will never forget the reluctance I had to wait in line at HTC. I thank God I did because they truly saved my life. God has given me a second chance at life through Heal the City.”

Sophia C.

“Before Heal the City, I never had control of my diabetes and high blood pressure. I was only being treated in the ER when my health problems would spill over until I was in critical condition. I did not enjoy waking up and facing the day before Heal the City. Heal the City helped my life way beyond just my diabetes and blood pressure. I actually enjoy getting out of bed now because they helped my overall health to where I can actually accomplish daily motions that I was once not able to do. It also is the only place I can go where I know people will talk to me with a smile. I wish there were more people like those at Heal the City.”

Sonia B.

“After being released from prison after ten long years, I was excited to enter back into society. This excitement quickly came to a halt when I realized how hard it would be to get a job and live a normal life. Prison completely changed the course of my life. I had found the light of God and finally been able to take responsibility for my crimes. I believed I deserved to be punished so I used this time to improve myself on the inside. To this day I carry deep shame and embarrassment for my past. Heal the City has continued to love me through this and given me a reason to continue living. I currently have late-stage kidney failure along with diabetes. If it was not for HTC taking the time to educate me on how to carefully diet, I would be dead right now. They have extended my life and given me the ability to live out the time I have left the way God would want me to. I cannot change my past, but Heal the City has given me an option to change my future.”

Mike E.

“I originally ended up at Heal the City because I needed to be seen by a doctor before I was able to set up a life insurance policy for my wife. This was not the end of my story with Heal the City though. What I thought would be a routine checkup became much more than that when they discovered my blood pressure was so high that I should not even be alive. Without Heal the City taking the time to thoroughly evaluate me, I would not still be here talking to you today. Here I thought I was the healthiest man in the world and in reality, I was inches away from death. Heal the City saved my life.”

Darrel B.

“Before even coming to Heal the City, I had already had 5 heart attacks. I knew there was medication out there that could help prevent me from having any more heart attacks, but I did not have the money or resources to get them regularly. I needed to get healthy. Not just for me, but for my family. Heal the City gave me something that no-one else could; relief in knowing that I will be able to take care of my son.”

Patricia H.

“Heal the City has changed my life in many ways. They literally have everything to meet my medical, spiritual, and personal needs all in one place. Heal the City has not only been a place for me to grow in my health, but also a place for me to find Friends. I would not be able to consistently eat without the food program. The whole experience has been great.”

Norma G.

“My health was horrible when I first came to Heal the city. I could not work nor enjoy my life due to my chronic back pain. Heal the City allowed me to get an MRI and treated the underlying causes of my back pain instead of just giving me pain medication. I was also surprised when my provider told me that I had other health problems that are not related to my back and that they would give me medication to treat them also. I am now working again and enjoying my life thanks to Heal the City.”

Maria G.

“My health problems started with my hyperthyroidism. For a while this went untreated, and I was not too worried about it; this was until it started to cause congestive heart failure. After seeing many doctors, I felt like I was stuck because I was never seeing any results and I was going more and more into debt. For a few years I had just given up. I went to Heal the City not expecting any results and unsure I would even qualify for it. I feel like the doctors at Heal the City did more and cared more than the doctors I was paying for. I was tired of people playing down how I felt because I looked young and healthy. After Heal the City, I was IMMEDIATELY feeling better. My health did a complete 180. Within the first year, HTC did more than the doctors I was paying for did in six years.”

Grecia L.

“I am a chronic pain survivor. Before Heal the City, I had a constant limp due to my scoliosis. Along with this, I have battled thyroid problems for the majority of my life. I was in a tough spot because to receive care, I had to sacrifice things that were necessary for me to continue living. Not only has Heal the City given me the ability to live life without pain, but they also have fixed my teeth which I have never considered even being able to fix. Nowhere besides Heal the City wants to see poor people.

Heal the City welcomes us with open arms.”

Paula M.

“When I first started coming here all I would do is lay around the house 24/7. I was so stressed about my health that it was almost debilitating. My lack of energy only worsened my health problems and caused me more pain. Now ironically everyone tells me to sit down. I now get up and I clean, water my yard, and most importantly just don’t lay down constantly. I still have a little pain, but I feel a whole lot better. Heal the City helped give me the motivation and energy to not give up on my health. I fought coming here for so long, but I thank God that I finally gave in.

It was totally worth it.”

Cassandria M.

"I did not know what was going on with my health for most of my life. I saw doctors and they kept misdiagnosing me. From March to September of 2019 I dropped 60 pounds and was extremely malnourished. Finally my significant found Heal the City for me. September is when I was able to get my first surgery from the financial assistance through Heal the City. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after my second surgery. If I would not have found Heal the City I really can’t say where I would be. I am back to my normal weight now and I feel better than I ever have before."

Ashlety T.

“Before coming to Heal the City, I was having heavy bleeding and dizziness for over a year. It got so out of control that I eventually lost my job because of it. I felt guilty because I was not able to be the wife or mother I wanted to be at the time. Heal the City healed me and gave me control of my life again.”

Deena L.

“When I first came here, I was on crutches due to a torn meniscus. Without Heal the City getting me seen by ortho, I would probably not be able to walk today. I knew about my knee problems before I even set foot through the doors here, however, I was shocked when I was told by my provider that I also had COPD, high blood pressure, and signs of depression. They really go above and beyond here to make sure that every aspect of your health is treated.”

Kae R.

“When I was 14 years old, I injured myself in a horseback riding accident. My parents at the time did not have the means to treat my injuries, so I went years without ever seeing a doctor. By the time I was able to see a doctor, I was already confined to crutches for the rest of my life. It is easy for me to lose sight of the physical ability I still have because of my limitations. Heal the City constantly motivates me to not give up hope and to keep pushing myself. I refuse to give up on my fight with my pain and I refuse to let my pain control my life. I will not use a scooter or walker until I physically cannot walk anymore. HTC empowered me to take control of my health.”

Diana S.

"My whole life changed the day I had my stroke. I was crushed when my doctor at the time told me that I would have to quit my job because I could never drive again. I told the doctor to not say never because I am going to talk to my other doctor first (God). God had another plan for my life because six months later, the doctor was astonished to see that I was perfectly healthy again. The doctor did not even know what to tell me, he just said that I could start driving again. God’s presence in my life was once again shown when he sent me to Lindy at Heal the City. I believe Lindy is an angel sent from God because she saved my life. Without her I would have been dead from my diabetes. She is my provider and my friend. I have never met a doctor that would call meon their own accord to just see how I was doing. I thank God for her every day.”

Arturo M.

“Before I found out about Heal the City, I was going to the JOWYATT clinic. I had never heard of Heal the City before I was referred by my previous clinic after my renewal denial. I was blown away with how receptive and nice everyone was when I got here. They immediately treated my diabetes and made sure they got me my medication. I thought the transition from my old clinic to HTC would be very hard, but it was surprisingly easy.”

Jennifer L.

“I have always had a myriad of health problems. I was born with type I diabetes, but I progressively kept adopting more and more health problems in my life. I am extremely lucky that I came to Heal the City when I did, because not long after I flatlined during a heart attack. After this literal death experience, a new chapter opened up in my life. I now understand how little guarantees we have in life, but I can guarantee that I am getting the best care possible at HTC. The patient is the top and only priority of my provider. I admire the entire HTC staff because they go over and beyond their job description to love me in my constant time of need. They show genuine interest in my life and honestly, they are my only friends. Heal the City has given me time on this earth that I should not have had. For that I am eternally grateful.”

Lisa L.

“No one will ever know how stressed I was before I came to Heal the City. After battling chronic back pain for years, I finally had to quit my job due to my restriction of movement. I was soon after in a heap of trouble because I lost my insurance by leaving my job. My diabetes was quickly out of control and my kidneys were failing. My entire family had to chip in to pay for my medical care just to keep me alive during this time. I carried extreme shame about putting my problems on my family. On top of all this, the clinic I was at did not seem to take me seriously even though I knew I was inches away from death. When I got my first appointment at HTC, I let out of a huge sigh of relief. They quickly got to work on me and helped me through starting dialysis. I was extremely scared of this because my mom had died due to complications with dialysis. Lupe eased my anxiety and was so personable and caring. The one-on-one care by the providers just put all my worries to ease because I knew they were focusing their attention on me. The whole atmosphere at HTC is just so warm and comforting. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to see what my future holds for me.Thank you, Heal the City.”

Elizabeth L.

“Prior to Heal the City, I had a good job with great health insurance. I knew I had high blood pressure, but I was not exactly receptive to taking medication for it. When COVID-19 hit, I lost my job which meant no more health insurance. When I came to Heal the City shortly after, I had a little chest pain and a history of high blood pressure. I NEVER expected them to tell me I was in the middle of a heart attack. They welcomed me into the shalom program immediately and made my heart healthy once again. They also caught my diabetes in the early stages which probably saved my life. I was defiant about medication when I first came here, but Chelsea has helped me see things from a new perspective. I recently started caring for my great niece's son who has non-verbal autism. Heal the City has not only treated my health, but they have also helped connect me with resources to help treat my son. My ability to be there for him would not be the same without HTC.”

Almea R.

“Three years ago, I lost my husband. If that was not hard enough, I also lost the health insurance that was allowing me to manage my chronic pain. I knew before Heal the City that I had various autoimmune diseases. Living with your body attacking yourself is more painful than it even sounds. Thank God Heal the City has helped control my pain and restore my health to what it was before my husband passed. I put a lot of pressure on myself to act like I am not in pain. My two daughters and my church family are at the core of how I keep pushing forward. Dr. Keister is truly amazing. COVID-19 threw me a curveball by giving me pneumonia, but Dr. Keister has stayed by my side throughout my recovery.”

Lyn L.

“A few years ago, I was a temp and going to JOWYATT. I was getting offers for better jobs, but I could not accept them because if I lost JOWYATT, there was no way I could afford my insulin. Finally, one of the jobs recruiting me told me that I could go to Heal the City if I overqualified for JOWYATT. When I heard this news, I was ecstatic. Heal the City went way beyond what they had to do to just treat my diabetes, they also treated the resulting neuropathy. By managing my pain, they gave me the gift of freedom over my life. Before the medication they gave me, I couldn’t even comb my hair or wash my hands from the pain. I thank God for my mom and Heal the City for never leaving my side.”

Tori D.

“I found Heal the City a year ago through a friend who was getting treated for his back issues here. Before I even walked through the door, I knew that I had significant medical problems. I was losing vision rapidly due to my diabetes, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I had no insurance and I lost Medicaid years ago when my daughter aged out of it. Heal the City has been able to prolong my vision and treat both my diabetes and high blood pressure. Heal the City has been a blessing during this crazy COVID time. I broke my foot back in April of last year right when things were shutting down, but they still found a way to help me out when I needed it. I love the environment here and how the staff treats me and each other. Heal the City has allowed me to be there for my daughter as she is going through her own health issues.”

Garry G.

“Before Heal the City, I did not have any access to dental care and routine hygiene. I was using burnt tortillas to clean my teeth. Access to just a toothbrush It is such a blessing to be able to receive dental care at Heal the City. I also did not have the money to take care of my basic health. I had high blood pressure and it was affecting my daily life. I knew I did not feel well, but I had no clue that this was the cause of my problems. Heal the City has made me feel better again by treating my high blood pressure through medication. I am so lucky that my wife heard about Heal the City through church. Heal the City has blessed my life by curing my medical problems and caring for my hygiene.”

Gerardo E.

“I first came here at the beginning of 2018 and I was in pretty rough shape. I had already had a couple heart attacks and I had no access to medical care. I had zero income and I only recently got on social security, which is still impossible to live on. My daughter has to take care of me, and I just feel ashamed of myself. On top of all this, I was in rural Missouri where there were not even doctors anyways. When I first got here, I met Dr. Bechtol. He is an absolutely wonderful man. He talked to me, he did not judge me, and he loved me. Since then, my heart has been great, my cholesterol has been great, and my high blood pressure has decreased. I would not be here without Heal the City, and that is the absolute truth."

Connie F.

“I have been a patient here at Heal the City for 4 years now. Before Heal the City, I was a patient at Regence Health Network. Regence required that I come for a doctor’s visits once a month and for each visit I had to pay $120. I could not afford this because I had bills to pay, and I had kids to take care of. A friend told me about Heal the City and recommended that I should see if I could qualify to become a patient there. Through Heal the City I receive the treatment I need for my hypertension and diabetes at no cost. This helps reduce a great deal of stress in my life by letting me allocate more money to my family. I am committed to my health because of Heal the City.”

Sandra C.

“I started having pain about 5 or 6 years ago. I did not know what the cause was because I was working 13 hours a day so there was no time to even think about it. It got so bad that my legs were locking up and swelling up like a balloon. That is when I found out I had arthritis. I started out at JOWYATT and they were the first ones to tell me that I had RA systemically. That is when the medication grocery list began. It was not long after this that my arms started failing also. My health just kept going downhill. Eventually they kicked me out of JOWYATT for “making too much money” which is hilarious to me because I have never been told that before. That is when I came to Heal the City. I usually get anxious and stressed when it comes to anything medical, but that was not the case with HTC. My appointments are always smooth and seamless. The communication is flawless; they actually call back and make sure I make my appointments. The staff here are incredibly easy to talk to and always nice and cheerful. Life just seems easy when I am here at Heal the City. I am blessed to be here.”

Kenneth B.

“Before I lost my health insurance and came to Heal the City, my primary care doctor was treating my diabetes. Even with the medicine he gave me, my A1c was never close to the normal range. Shortly after losing my health insurance, my vision started getting extremely blurry. This was disheartening to me because my favorite pastime is video games. I did not know this then, but it was actually my out-of-control diabetes that was causing me to lose my vision. I will never forget how scared I was after my first appointment with Heal the City. Lupe was very honest with me about the status of my health due to my diabetes and let me know what would happen to me if I let it stay uncontrolled. This fear quickly faded when Rachel took the time to educate me on how to change my habits to control my diabetes and empowered me to make a change. That moment is when I realized that I am my worst enemy and that in order for me to get healthy, I have to get out of my own way. Through the tools that Rachel gave me, I was able to do a complete 180 in my eating and exercise habits. I am proud to say that my A1c has dropped from 12 to 6 since being at Heal the City. I would NEVER have been able to do this without Rachel by my side. Rachel did what medicine alone could not do. She is the reason I am still here today.”

Harvey H.

“A little over a month ago I was diagnosed with COVID-19. After a hard-fought battle, I was finally able to leave quarantine and carry on with my life, or so I thought. Shortly after having COVID I was diagnosed with pneumonia and blood clots in my lungs. If this was not hard enough on me, it was around this time that my son also got sick with COVID. My son had been on dialysis due to complications with his diabetes, so I knew that his health was at risk if he got the virus. I could have never prepared though for the death of my child. My mental health and physical health were at an all-time low, and on top of this, I now have no source of income. If it was not for my daughter, I would not have the strength or motivation to keep fighting. I still have trouble catching my breath, but I have finally been cleared to work again. Do not ignore your health! Three years ago, my son got sick and ignored it until it was too late. By the time he finally went to the doctor, his kidneys were destroyed from type I diabetes. Places like Heal the City can prevent others from having similar tragedies that occurred in my life.”

Margo E.

“My health before Heal the City was extremely bad. Imagine getting diagnosed with cancer and not having health insurance. Sadly, that was a reality for me. As my health was declining, I started losing hours at my job and eventually lost my job entirely. After a long-fought battle, I am now cancer free; however, this does not mean that I have no health issues anymore. The chemo and radiation from my cancer definitely has had a lasting impact on my health. My joints constantly hurt, and I get sick very easily. I originally came to Heal the City because I was extremely sick with the flu. It was during this visit that I also discovered that I was diabetic and had high blood pressure. I could not be more thankful for Heal the City and what they do for the community.”

Mary N.

“Not long ago I moved to Amarillo from Mexico. It was about a year later that I heard about Heal the City through my mother. Before Heal the City, I was only getting healthcare through free clinics in Mexico. Mexico was so different from America. It was very hard to get a hold of doctors. They did not give me the right medicine and the treatment was not tailored to me. Having a regular primary care physician makes adjusting to America so much easier. Coming to Heal the City has been a blessing to my life. Before getting treatment here, I was always fatigued and restless. This has had both a physical and emotional effect on me. I now have the energy to enjoy life.”

Rene M.

“Heal the City has been such a blessing. I have degenerative disk disease, a pinched nerve, pancreatitis, and high blood pressure. I was not getting any of these treated before Heal the City because I did not have health insurance. I was going through pain management and they finally had to let me go. At that point I threw in the towel and decided to just deal with the pain. This did not go well as you might expect. Heal the City was really my last resort, but it has been the best resort. I love Chelsea. She's an amazing provider and all the girls here are just so sweet. Going to Heal the City is not like going to a normal clinic. It is honestly just like going to see friends. I would be in a bad situation without Heal the City. I take 10-12 medications and I couldn’t even afford one of these with them.”

Cecilia B.

“I have been a patient at Heal the City for about 4 years now. My life before Heal the City was very different than my life now. I used to be chronically tired, weak, and just flat out depressed. My clinic before Heal the City tried to help me with these problems but I felt that they were not very thorough in their evaluation and treatment. They often refused the testing I asked for because they were too expensive. The thing that I like most about Heal the City is how in-depth they go with their patients. Price is never an issue with them because patients are more than just a dollar sign. The workers here also have a genuine connection with me and my family. If there is ever a problem, they always make time to take care of me. There is a sense of urgency about my health which is extremely comforting.”

Guadalupe S.

“I am not quite sure what I expected when my friend convinced me to schedule an appointment with Heal the City, however, my first impression of Heal the City was far better than anything I could have imagined. The thing that stuck out the most to me after my first appointment was how the staff treated and took care of me. Before Heal the City, I had no interest in doing anything. I was chronically depressed, and it was starting to become a burden for my daughters also. Heal the City has given me medication to boost my mood and cure my depression. I also look forward to getting access to counseling through Heal the City also.”

Guadalupe M.

“I decided to come to Heal the City because I felt sick all the time. I was losing weight very fast (270 lbs to 120 lbs in a few months) and I could no longer swallow food when I ate. I initially thought this was due to my hepatitis C catching up to me, but I was very wrong. I was caught completely off guard when they told me that I had stage 4 esophageal cancer that has metastasized to my lungs. When they said I had only 12 months to live, so many thoughts began rushing through my mind. I really started questioning if I had done any good in my life and if I was truly ready to die. Luckily, I already had a good foundation in my faith, or I would have never been able to cope with this situation. I can’t wait to live out eternity in heaven.”

Tanya B.

​“I used to wake up tired and weak every morning. It was impossible for me to sleep for more than an hour at a time because I constantly had to use the restroom. I worked for the city at the time, and I started to notice that my vision was getting worse and worse. I knew something was wrong, but I never had the insurance or money to go to the doctor. I only decided to prioritize my health when my wife began dialysis. She was a diabetic and her health was declining fast. She needed someone to care for her and I wanted to be that person, but first I needed to get healthy and energized. I was not surprised when my provider told me I had diabetes, however, I was still very scared that my health was going to deteriorate like my wives did. I needed to be there for her physically and emotionally, so my health failing was simply not an option. Lupe immediately gave medication to control my diabetes and explained thoroughly the lifestyle changes I needed to make to become healthy again. Growing up, my father always told me I was not a worthy enough man to have his last name. I am determined to prove him wrong by supporting and comforting my wife unconditionally.”

Albert M.

"A lot has changed since my first appointment at Heal the City. I used to wake up every day with a migraine that would last until I go back to sleep. The only way I could find any relief was to lay down and not move my head. I never would have imagined that having high blood pressure could be causing these constant migraines. Now that my blood pressure is under control, I finally have my life back again. I rarely ever have headaches, and I credit this entirely to Heal the City."

Amanda V.

“I first came to Heal the City in 2018 after a friend recommendedit to me. I was having chronic knee pain at the time, which I now know is from my arthritis. Heal the City has helped me strengthen my knee through physical therapy. I have had diabetes and high cholesterol for a long time before Heal the City, but since being here, my labs have improved drastically. Heal the City is a clinic where everyone takes care of each other. The entire staff will do whatever they possibly can to help each patient. I have never seen the staff not smiling and I always leave my appointments feeling good. Before Heal the City, I was paying for medical treatment but none of my conditions ever got better. Not only is my health getting better at Heal the City, but they also help me feed my family through the food program. I could not be happier.”

Cesar F.

“Before coming to Heal the City, I had a special membership to a clinic called CareToday to treat my diabetes. Even though it was significantly cheaper than other clinics, I still was struggling to pay the monthly fees. After hearing about Heal the City, I waited in line 3 different times to be seen because I could not wait for long without getting sick. I often asked myself if waiting in line is worth it, but it was definitely worth the wait once I met my provider. The biggest difference between Heal the City and other clinics is that the providers actually listen to you here. I am still on the journey to improving my health, but I am working on it day by day. The food program has also helped me substantially. It allows me to allocate more money to healthier foods that do not worsen my diabetes. Heal the City has been a great steppingstone to helping me get out of the financial rut I was in.”

Kevin M.

“I have had a myriad of medical problems long before I came to Heal the City. My right arm and left leg are disabled as a result of having polio as a child. I also have had diabetes for a while, however, I used to be able to manage it very well because of my good job and income. This stability quickly faded after I fell and broke my knee. This caused me to stop working, and thus I also lost my source of income. When I finally made it to Heal the City, they told me that I had cirrhosis, 2 ulcers, and anemia. My blood sugar was completely out of control and I was quickly losing my vision. If I had not become a patient here, I truly would not know what would have happened to me. I definitely would not be alive today without Heal the City.”

Lourdes B.

“My first appointment with Heal the City was definitely not an easy one. What I thought was strep throat turned out to be cancer, so needless to say, my wife and I were not ready for that news. My cancer treatment has been extremely hard on both of us, but I am getting more hopeful everyday thanks to the encouragement I get here at Heal the City. I was not used to going to the doctor regularly before Heal the City, but now it has become a daily routine for me. Lord knows where I would be right now without them. My provider Lindy is the reason I am still alive today. She has been a real blessing to my life.”

Curtis I.

“My daughter referred me to Heal the City because I was feeling really sick due to my untreated lymphoma and high blood pressure. My health has really changed for the better since being at Heal the City. I really like coming here because the entire staff is extremely nice. They have taken great care of me here.”

Isidra R.

"I had just had a stroke when I came to Heal the City. I was very scared of what would happen to me since I didn’t have health insurance. Our provider Lupe did a great job at making us feel less anxious by welcoming us with love and kindness. My wife also became a patient here shortly after I did because of the tool breast cancer has had on her health. Since becoming patients at Heal the City, both of us have had drastic improvements in our health. My diabetes and hypertension has fallen into normal levels which has made me feel drastically better. We were so excited when we received awards during the shalom banquet. Me and my wife both carry these awards with us everywhere because they are a reminder of how far we have come since being here. We finally have some stability in our lives and in our health which is such a weight off our shoulders. We are so thankful and blessed to be patients at a clinic where the staff gives us undivided attention. "

Jose and Norma M.

​“Being self employed, I simply could not afford health insurance. Instead of going to the doctor, I would constantly self diagnose myself which never really fixed any of my problems. I eventually ended up in the hospital after cutting my foot open, which led to an amputation of one of my toes. The ER doctor was the one that recommended me to Heal teh City. It has been amazing what they have been able to do for me. The medications that I am on here I couldn’t even afford when I did have insurance. I am super grateful for somehow being able to call this place MY doctor’s office. I also really like the approach Lindy takes. I have never had a doctor show me all the labs and go through them one by one. It makes me feel like I actually know what is going on with my health. Everybody takes their time to make sure that they are thorough and that the patient knows what is going. The wait time is also great here. I never feel like my time is wasted here.”

Will T.

“I came to Heal the City because I needed medication to lower my blood pressure and also because my bones/joints were hurting and I did not know why. They have been able to help me with my blood pressure but they are still in the process of helping me figure out the source of my pain. When you come here you receive so much attention, which you definitely don't get at any other free clinic. They also have been able to help me outside of medicine. They give so much compassion and respect to the patients here. Overall, everything has been excellent. My provider has been so sweet and she listens to everything I say to her. She is always looking for ways to make me feel better and to improve my health.”

Guadalupe C.

“Every time I come in for an appointment at Heal the City, I always feel welcomed and loved. Carla has done so much for me and my health. She has really plugged me into the resources I needed to beat my cancer. Before I came here, I was really desperate to receive any healthcare. I simply could not afford the treatment I needed to survive. I would 100% recommend this clinic to anyone. I feel like since being in the program, my health and life have been significantly better. I feel like I have another shot at life because of Carla.”

Mirna R.

“My health was rapidly deteriorating when I came to Heal the City. I heard about Heal the City through a friend who told me that Heal the City can help people maintain their health. Everyone I have met at Heal the City has been extremely nice, helpful, and attentive. I have recommended numerous people to Heal the City because they are WILLING to go out of their way to help cure people's sickness. Heal the City is not just a free clinic, they are a “better clinic.”

Minerva G.

“I felt horrible for so long because of my high blood pressure. I knew I had high blood pressure before coming to Heal the City, but I previously had no way to treat it. I have had preeclampsia with all of my pregnancies, but I never had the ability to treat it after the pregnancies. I have been in the shalom program for three years now and I feel like my health is back to normal. I tell everyone that will listen that Heal the City is a magical place. They have lifted a huge burden off my shoulder.”

Cindy G.

“All aspects of my health needed significant help when I came to Heal the City. I had recently left my job because I was attacked at work, which subsequently left me without health insurance. Once I ran out of my antidepressants, my mental health began deteriorating rapidly. When I could no longer afford my medication, my previous doctor referred me to Heal the City. HTC has gone the extra mile dealing with my depression. They not only got me meds, but they also helped me get in touch with TPC for counseling. The services I have gotten from them have been phenomenal for my mental health. Heal the City truly blesses everyone they come into contact with. I think EVERYONE without insurance should come here.”

Debbie P.

After getting denied from JOWYATT, I knew I had to quickly find another clinic before I ran out of my diabetes medication. I quickly found out about Heal the City and began the process of becoming a Shalom Patient. It has been an unusual experience here at Heal the City because as soon as I was enrolled, my provider went on maternity leave. This created a lot of confusion because I was seeing a different provider every visit. One thing that I love about Heal the City though is that they always find a way to make things work, not matter the circumstance. As my renewal appointment approaches, I am becoming more and more scared. because I am terrified of going back to JOWYATT and losing the friends I have made at Heal the City. The standard of care is so different at Heal the City, and I fear I will never find another place like it.”

Patricia G.

“I didn’t have a single dollar in my pocket when I came to Heal the City. I was really sick and my friend finally told me that Heal the City will help people for free. That was when I found out that my blood pressure was deathly high. This was about 4 years ago from today. From my very first appointment they have given me great care. I have never been charged a dime, not even from the specialists they referred me to. I would never have guessed that by coming to Heal the City, I would be as healthy as I am today. Carla, my provider, has been so good to me. She has really taken my health personally. If I were giving advice to a new patient, it would be to not be scared. This clinic looks expensive, but it is truly free. It is not a trick.”

Fatima R.

“I thought that I was completely hopeless when I first came to Heal the City. I had lost my job, I had no health insurance, I had a multitude of health issues, and no doctor would see me because of my income. At my very first visit with Heal the City they quickly got me the medicine I needed to survive. They also referred me to TPC so that I could get counseling for my depression. Without their work, I would never have had the opportunity to get back on my feet. I now have a job again and I am finally getting some stability in my life. I am still in counseling with TPC and it has helped me in so many ways. I no longer feel like I am alone and that no one cares about my life. It has been a 100% turn around for me. Since being here, I have lost my daughter and dad. This has been the hardest time in my life and Heal the City has been there for me every step of the way.”

June G.

“I have been at Heal the City for two or three years now. If I had to describe Heal the City in one word, it would be inspirational. They have not only inspired me to play a role in my health, but they also have given me the tools to do it. I have been a patient at many clinics before Heal the City, and the atmosphere here is just different. When I first walked into Heal the City, I immediately knew there was something special going on here. All the staff showed so much respect to me even though I have nothing. This clinic is a real blessing for those in need. I have battled with my depression for years. Never would I have thought that they could (or anyone) help me with that. It is not just the clinic staff either that are amazing. Literally everyone here is just so sweet. Heal the City is the most efficient free clinic I have ever met, which is a testament to their respect for their patients. I NEVER have to worry about waiting for hours to see a doctor.”

Rocio G.

“I have been a patient with Heal the City since its inception. I had been battling chronic migraines for so long but no one could tell me what was wrong. A friend recommended me to Heal the City and they diagnosed me with glaucoma. Dr. Bryan really went out of his way to help alleviate my pain, even going so far as helping me get surgery. My headaches have been a lot better ever since. I used to be constantly drained because of my pain, but now I have the energy to finally live. Carla, my provider, also treats me for diabetes also. Carla really tries to explain things thoroughly to me which really means a lot. Heal the City helps people get their life together again. They even gave me food weekly when I lost my job last year.”

Maria G.

“I was struggling with my blood pressure and my friend recommended me to Heal the City. For a while, I was getting all my medication sent to me from Mexico. My health did not seem to get any better though. This was not the case with Heal the City. Quickly after my first appointment I started feeling way better. At first, I thought that there was no way Heal the City was actually free. It looks way too nice and clean to be a free clinic. Let me assure you that EVERYTHING at Heal the City is free. That made me feel so proud to be a patient here. Shortly after coming to Heal the City for my blood pressure, I got pneumonia which led to chronic asthma. Heal the City has really helped me deal with this. The whole experience at Heal the City has been nothing less than great.”

Amelia G.

“In 2015, me and my wife got into a car accident and we had nowhere to go. JOWYATT referred us to Heal the City. We were both in really bad shape, but we have gotten a lot of attention since being here. I would recommend Heal the City to literally anyone in need. Even if they do not have the resources to help, they always find a way to plug us in somewhere that does. The love they have for us shows in everything they do.”

Emilio E.

"I was really scared about my health before coming to Heal the City. I was scared about my health before coming to Heal the City. I was having pain in my chest area and I had no clue why. Heal the City did a mammogram and began treating me for thyroid problems after my FIRST appointment. On top of this, they also found that I have hypertension and depression. My chest has felt better than ever, and I also feel like my mood has been much better since coming here. I feel like the staff here is special because they are so kind. Not only do they treat your health, but they also give emotional support. There is not another clinic like them."

Ramona M.

“I decided to come to Heal the City be I was struggling a lot with depression and chronic pain. After my first appointment, they told me that I have arthritis and a tumor. Heal the City was able to help me get a hysterectomy so that my body could heal from the tumor. They also helped me deal with my mental illness which has helped with so many aspects of my life. I now have the energy to go outside and enjoy every day. The staff let me in with arms opened wide. I know that if I ever have a problem, they are here for me.”

Raquell B.

“I was a patient at another clinic before Heal the City, but it was beginning to get very expensive because I had chronic issues. The tipping point was when I had my hysterectomy, which left me unemployed and unable to pay for medical care. I was referred to Heal the City shortly after by a friend. Heal the City has been great for providing care for my diabetes and for connecting me with resources that I did not know even exist for people like me. There is a lot less stress in my life now that I can get my medications regardless of my income.”

Maria C.

“My husband’s friend is a patient here also and he recommended me to come to Heal the City. I was struggling with my blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. No one but Heal the City would treat me. My medications are very expensive, so I am very happy to be getting these for free. The relationship I have with my provider is beautiful. She takes care of me like I am family. I would encourage anyone who is coming to Heal the City for the first time to not be nervous. Everyone here just wants to help you.”

Maria A.

“One of my relatives who has diabetes took my blood sugar one day and I was shocked to see that it was over 300. I knew something was not right so I put together all the money that I could find and went to a medical clinic in town. They still told me though that I did not have enough money to be seen. This was not the case when I came to Heal the City. I really did not feel sick at the time, but I had recently had a stroke. During my first appointment at HTC, my blood sugar was so high that the doctor was afraid I might die. I was so scared that I almost did not believe them. Even though I didn’t feel sick, they told me my diabetes was silently killing my organs. My worry went away when they told me they could give me medicine for it here. They also told me that I could reverse the effects of my diabetes by losing weight and exercising, so I have been trying really hard to do exactly what my doctor suggested. I am so thankful that Heal the City cares for people like me.”

Aida C.

“My wife and my daughter were already patients at Heal the City. I ended up becoming a patient here because I hurt my knee. During my first appointment, they also started treating me for diabetes which I had no clue that I even had. Heal the City has not only helped me, but that have made a huge difference for my entire family. Since we are not from America, it is a lot harder to get into medical clinics. It is a blessing that Heal the City welcomes us even though we are not from here. It is dangerous when you are not able to receive medical care because we often self diagnose each other. This is dangerous because we end up sharing medications. I would recommend Heal the City without a doubt. The exercise classes also do a lot of good for us because it gives us some responsibility for our own health.”

Luis G.
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