Monday Night Acute Care


1. Screening at 1:30 pm

Heal the City IS NOT first come first served. All patients are screened at 1:30 pm by a nurse. Patients are given an appointment card to return at 4:00 pm. 

HTC has Spanish and Burmese translators available on site, every Monday Night. 

2. appointments with providers 4:00 pm

Patients are to return at 4:00 pm for their appointment.

Patients need to bring ALL of their medications to their appointment. 



3. receive medications that night

After a patient see's a provider they will check out, and receive a pager that will alert them when their medications are ready.

MAINTENANCE medications 

diabetes, asthma/copd, hypertension, etc.

If you have a chronic illness, need maintenance medications, and have no health insurance, please consider enrolling in our chronic care program, Shalom.

Schedule a Tour

We would love to show you our facility during Monday Night Acute Care.

If you are interested in a tour of our clinic please contact Lisa.