Dental Services

Heal the City has limited resources and want to use what we have wisely. Each week we take the top 8-10 worse cases for dental emergencies. 

We do NOT offer cosmetic dental services such as braces or dentures. We DO offer extractions, fillings, and cleaning referrals. 

How it works:

  1. Patients need to arrive at Heal the City at 3:30 pm on Monday to be screened by our Dental Hygienist.

  2. After everyone is screened, we select the 8-10 most emergent cases of the day.

  3. Those patients will be seen at 5:00 pm to be seen by a dentist.

  4. When they are seen by the dentist at Heal the City, they will be given a referral to a local dentist to have their dental work.