Scarth Scramble: 

The Scarth Scramble is Heal the City's annual golf tournament fundraiser. Even if you are not an avid golfer, you can still participate in this event through our helicopter golf ball drop. Participants enter the golf ball drop by purchasing a golf ball with a unique number on it. Then, at a designated time, each of the uniquely numbered golf balls are dropped onto the golf course from a helicopter. The owner of the ball closest to the hole wins a prize!

Pull Together for Heal the City:

This event is Heal the City's annual sporting clay shoot fundraiser. This fundraiser is a great opportunity to enjoy nature and practice your aim, all while helping to improve the healthcare of the Amarillo community. 

Laughter is the Best Medicine:

In a serious discipline such as medicine, you can sometimes forget the importance of laughter. This fundraiser is meant to encourage laughter and bring joy to those attending through a hilarious stand up comedy act. Sit back, laugh, and enjoy a delicious meal.


Shalom Banquet: 

The Shalom Banquet is an award ceremony that is meant to celebrate and highlight the amazing achievements that Heal the City’s chronic care patients are making each year. 

Saddle Up:

Being in West Texas, it is only right that Heal the City has an event with a southern touch to it. This fundraiser does just that through live country western music. Enjoy good food and even better music alongside your friends and family.

Toot n Totum Valero Immunization Clinic:

With the help of Toot n Totum and Valero, Heal the City was able to provide free immunizations and backpacks for kids going back to school. 

Toot n Totum Valero Day of Giving:

This event began when Toot n Totum and Valero decided to team up and give back to a non-profit in the Amarillo community. With the help of some clinic patients and volunteers, an empty grass lot across the street from the clinic was transformed into a new outdoor space. What was an empty lot is now a vegetable garden that grows healthy produce for patients so they can have more nutritious meals. 

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